About Me

Born and raised in Canada, I currently reside in a small town named "Ladner", which is south of Vancouver. I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a bachelors degree in Computer Science and Psychology. I'm am currently a full-time Nursing student at BCIT. How did I get there from Computer Science? Well it's a long story, so I'm not gonna go into it here.

I have been blogging about my personal life since 2004 and it wasn't until recently when I decided to start a new blog on beauty and style. I come from a really strict family and has been sheltered for most of my life. No piercings, no tattoos, no nail polish, and I can only assume no makeup either, which was why I've been so slow with adapting to the girlie trends in high school.

I've been using skincare products since elementary school due to acne problems. Thank goodness *most* of my acne has cleared up now, so I'd just like to share with you my journey to (and maintaining) clear skin. In addition to that, I've recently developed an interest in makeup. Plus, I've always had a passion for shopping! I also found out not too long ago that my boyfriend uses Biore strips... and I can't let him take away my woman card like that. So stay tuned for my posts!

Some other fun/strange facts about me and this blog:
  • Most skincare/makeup products are applied in the bathroom, hence the blog name "Bathroom Dancer".
  • I play really loud music from my MP3 player in the bathroom when I go and take my showers so that I can sing and dance to it (this was also an inspiration for the blog name).
  • I hate public bathrooms and refuses to go most of the time unless I know it's clean or because I have to go really badly and cannot hold it in anymore.

♥ Juli ♥
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