Friday, June 24, 2011

Online Shopping on eBay

Well! A couple days ago was summer solstice, so guess what everyone?? It's officially SUMMER! I don't know about you guys, but it doesn't really feel like it in Vancouver. I mean, I'm still sporting around a hoodie on the streets.

Has anyone ever shopped for Korean/Japanese dresses or clothing on eBay? They are super affordable and looks so stylish! They usually only come in a couple sizes and they're usually pretty small. I fit in them, but for the last couple times I bought it, it just doesn't fit me right and usually requires some tailoring by my grandma (she used to be a seamstress). Usually due to something being sewn crooked/not symmetrical.

However, these dresses look absolutely stunning on the models in the pictures, so let me share with you some of my great finds with you! :)

Even though they doesn't always fit me properly, I don't think that's gonna deter me from continue buying them. There are just so many styles that I like on eBay than I do from Forever21, or H&M.
Which one's your favourite?


  1. my favourite is the second last picture - the grey one! :)

  2. I remember seeing the 3rd one on ebay! haha

  3. Ohhh what's the name of the 5th one on ebay?? SO pretty! I want it hahaha

  4. @mandyz You mean the yellow one? I really like that one too! You can find it on eBay when you search "Korean Yellow Dress" - should be one of the first ones...

  5. if it got lace, im in love lol but i can neva fit into these clothes >.<

    xoxo elle

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